Tomáš Kot 

Interest and Abilities


Personal computers

  • Programming laguages C++, Basic, C#.
  • Integrated development environment Visual Studio.
  • Programming for Windows (WinAPI, Winsock, .NET Framework, DirectX).


Computer graphics and animation

Real-time rendering

  • Microsoft DirectX 11 - programming of 3D and 2D graphical applications.
  • HLSL language for advanced effects using vertex, geometry and pixel shaders.

Image processing

  • Image analysis and processing using Visual C++, OpenCV, DirectX.

Graphics software

  • Autodesk 3ds Max - modelling, animation, special effects.
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro - 2D graphics (textures for 3ds Max, web graphics, photo editing).


Control of mechatronic systems, I have experience especially with service robots (control of handling extensions and locomotion). I focus on programming, in smaller measure I deal with selection of control system components (HW devices, drives, sensors, switchs, electric circuits in general).

To program control systems, I usually use Visual C++ or Visual C# and I also focus on graphical applications made for example for interaction with robot operator (I use DirectX in version 11 for graphic rendering):

  • rendering of camera subsystem images including stereovision,
  • visualisation of data from other subsystems (sensors),
  • augmented reality,
  • user-friendly control elements,
  • 3D interactive real-time visualisation of the mobile robot.

Virtual prototyping, modelling, simulations

This field includes creation of models of more complicated mechatronic devices - for example handling extensions (arms) of service and industrial robots. Mechatronic models require models of the mechanical subsystem, actuating subsystem and control subsystem, and it is necessary to have the ability to test these subsystems together, including their reciprocal influences.

Not only for these purposes I've been using the following software systems:

  • Pro/ENGINEER (Creo Elements/Pro) (PTC):
    • construction and modelling,
    • stress analysis.
  • Adams (MSC Software):
    • models of mechanical subsystems (material properties, joints, gearing ...),
    • kinematic and dynamic simulations of mechanisms,
    • simulations of flexible parts,
    • simple control systems.
  • MATLAB + Simulink (MathWorks), LabVIEW (National Instruments):
    • mathematical models of mechanical and actuating subsystems behaviour,
    • algorithms and block diagrams of control systems,
    • programming and matematical calculations in general.
  • Cooperation of Adams and MATLAB/Simulink systems:
    • complex mechatronic models,
    • testing of virtual prototypes behaviour.

Creation of www pages, web technologies

  • (X)HTML - definition of the content of a web page.
  • CSS - definition of the appearance and layout of a web page.
  • PHP - server-side dynamic generation of a web page.
  • MySQL - databases.
  • JavaScript - client-side dynamic behaviour of a web page.
  • Creation of valid and semantic pages, accessibility (text-only browsers, voice readers), SEO.

Other abilities

User PC skills

  • Operating systems Windows, DOS, Linux.
  • Common office (MS Office) and other applications.


  • English language - advanced level.
  • German language - elementary level.


  • Ability to learn new pieces of knowledge quickly, especially in the software field.
  • Ability to work alone or in a team.
  • Typewriting using the 10-finger system.
  • Driving licence.